Hymns – March and April

Saint David of Wales — 1/14 March

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 1)

Having worked miracles in thy youth, founded monasteries and converted the pagans who had sought to destroy thee, O Father David, Christ our God blessed thee to receive the episcopate at the place of His Resurrection. Intercede for us, that our lives may be blessed and our souls may be saved.

Kontakion (Tone 6)

The living waters of godly discipline encompassed thee and the saving waters of faith flowed through thy teaching, O Hierarch and Waterman David. Symbolising the baptism of Wales in thy life, thou art worthy of all praise, wherefore we keep festival in thy honour, glorifying thine eternal memory.

Saint Fergna the White, Abbot of Iona — 2/15 March

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 4)

Blessed ascetic of Iona’s isle, thou didst strengthen the foundation of thy kinsman Columcille, O righteous Fergna, bringing stability to Christ’s holy Church and salvation to men’s souls.

Kontakion (Tone 2)

In the Western Isles the flame of faith shone brightly by thy tireless and ascetic labours, O bastion of Orthodoxy, holy Father Fergna. Wherefore, we bless thy name, praying for strength to show forth the same steadfastness in our lives.

Saint Abban of Kilabban, Leinster — 16/29 March

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 8)

In Ireland’s fertile soil thou didst plant the seeds of monasticism, O Father Abban, and didst nurture a great flowering of God-pleasing virtue. Continue steadfastly in thine enduring love, to lead man to God and by thy prayers may we be granted great mercy.

Saint Patrick, Enlightener of Ireland — 17/30 March

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 2)

While thou didst live on earth, O blessed father Patrick, thou didst bind to thyself the strong name of the Holy Trinity, and faith in the undivided Trinity Who created the universe. Now that thou standest before the throne of the Holy Trinity, entreat Christ our God to save our souls!

Another Dismissal Hymn (Tone 3)

O holy hierarch Patrick, wonderworker equal to the apostles, enlightener of the Irish land: entreat the merciful God, that He grant our souls remission of transgressions!

Kontakion (Tone 7)

May Christ be in the heart of everyone who thinks of thee,
Christ in the mouth of those who speak to thee,
Christ in every eye that sees thee,
Christ in every ear that hears thy words,
O blessed Patrick, our father.

Saint Enda of Inishmore — 22 March / 4 April

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 8)

O Father of Irish monasticism, from Candida Casa thou didst settle in the Isles of Aran, where thou didst train Saint Columcille and other glorious Saints. Holy Father Enda, pray to Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Saint Tigernach of Clogher, Ulster — 4/17 April

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 1)

O holy Tigernach, thou didst glorify God as Abbot of Clones before being called to the episcopate. As once thou didst shepherd thy flock on earth so now, in company with the Angels in heaven, pray to Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Saint Ethelburga, Queen, Abbess of Lyminge, Kent — 5/18 April

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 1)

O holy Ethelburga, thou didst blossom as a lily in Kent and then adorn Northumbria as bride of the martyr king Edwin. Thou didst devote thy widowhood to thy convent in Kent. Pray that we, following the example of thy long and fruitful life, may spend all our years in God’s service and find mercy at the last.

Saint Brynach of Carn-Engyle, Wales — 7/20 April

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 2)

O holy Brynach, thou didst leave thy native Ireland to seek God in Pembroke’s solitude. As thou dost now stand before Christ our God, intercede with Him, we pray, that He may have mercy on us.

Saint Maedhog, Abbot of Clonmore, Ireland — 11/24 April

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 3)

Thou didst govern thy monastery of Clonmore in Ireland’s Age of Saints, O holy Abbot Maedhog. Pray to Christ our God that we too may find grace to live in faith and penitence, that we may attain to salvation.

Saint Tassach, Bishop of Raholp, Co. Down — 14/27 April

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 5)

O holy Hierarch Tassach, thou wast one of the first to follow Saint Patrick and didst administer the Holy Mysteries to him at the last. Like Moses’ disciples adorning the tabernacle, thou wast a skilled artist and craftsman, and art now thyself an adornment of Christ’s Church.

Saint Padarn of Wales — 16/29 April

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 7)

Thou didst confirm the truth of the Gospel by working many miracles, O glorious Father Padarn. Thou didst accompany St David to his consecration at Jerusalem and return with him to Wales. Pray to Christ our God that we may be found faithful throughout our earthly pilgrimage and may receive His great mercy.

Saint Ibar, Bishop of Meath — 23 April / 6 May

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 8)

Thou didst prepare the way for Saint Patrick by thy fearless preaching in Ireland, O holy Father Ibar. Pray for the present dwellers in Meath and Leinster and for all in these Islands, that the true Faith may spread in our own days, to the glory of God.

Saint Cronan of Roscrea, Co. Tipperary — 28 April / 11 May

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 1)

O holy Cronan, in the monasteries that thou didst found thou wast known for thy hospitality to the poor and to travellers. Pray for us that we may follow thine example and welcome all in Christ’s Name, to His glory.

Saint Cynwl, Hermit in Wales — 30 April / 13 May

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 7)

Thou wast a worthy brother of Bangor’s Bishop Deiniol, O holy hermit Cynwl. Having passed from thine austere life on earth to eternal glory in heaven, pray to Christ our God for the people of these lands, that He may grant us His great mercy.