Intercession – English Saints

The following intercession is used during a Litiya (Entreaty) at a Vigil, or during a Festal or Sunday Mattins.

Save, O God, Thy people and bless Thine inheritance;
visit Thy world with mercy and compassions;
exalt the horn of Orthodox Christians, and send down upon us Thy rich mercies:
by the intercessions of our most pure Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary;
by the power of the honourable and life-creating Cross;
by the protection of the honourable, bodiless Powers of Heaven;
by the supplications of the honourable, glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist John;
of the holy, glorious and all-famed Apostles, Peter and Paul the chiefs, and all the Twelve and the Seventy;
of our Fathers among the Saints, the great hierarchs and oecumenical teachers, Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and John Chrysostom;
of our holy Father, Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia;
of the holy martyr Alban the First Martyr of the Islands;
of our holy Fathers Gregory the Great and Augustine of Canterbury, Apostles of the English,
Laurence and Mellitus, Archbishops of Canterbury,
Oswald of Heavenfield, Paulinus of York, Felix of Dunwich, Apostle of East Anglia,
Aidan of Lindisfarne, Birinus and Cedd, Apostles of Wessex and Essex,
Chad of Lichfield, Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, the Wonderworker;
of our holy Mothers, Audrey of Ely, Hilda of Whitby, Mildred of Minster, Werburgh of Chester, Milburgh of Wenlock;
of our holy Fathers, Theodore of Tarsus, Archbishop of Canterbury, Erkenwald, the Light of London,
Benedict of Wearmouth, Wilfrid of York, Aldhelm of Sherborne, Guthlac of Crowland, Bede the Venerable,
Clement and Boniface, Apostles to the Heathen;
Swithin of Winchester, the Wonderworker;
Theodore of Crowland and all those cruelly martyred by the Northmen;
Edmund the Martyr, King of East Anglia;
of the holy King of England, Edgar the Peaceful,
of the holy, right-believing King of England and passion-bearer Edward the Martyr;
of our holy Mother Edith of Wilton;
of our holy Fathers Ethelwold of Winchester, Dunstan of Canterbury, Oswald of Worcester,
Alphege the Martyr, Archbishop of Canterbury,
and the newly-revealed John, Archbishop in London,
and of all the Saints who have shone forth in the English land; of the holy, victorious George the Great-Martyr;
of the holy, glorious martyrs and all the new martyrs and confessors of all lands of the Earth;
of our reverend and God-bearing Fathers, the holy and righteous Ancestors of God, Joachim and Anna;
and of all Thy Saints, we beseech Thee, O most merciful Lord,
hearken unto the petition of us sinners who make our supplications unto Thee, and have mercy upon us.

Source: Orthodox England, Vol. I, No. 2 (December 1997).